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Day 2 in Santiago

The City Walk

sunny 84 °F

Today was walking the city to feel the vibe. Wow what a big city. We ended up on the double decker bus to see the whole city and to get some reference points. I would recommend this is you want to get a good basic feel for the different parts. Santiago is a big, busy city. It remind me of New York, or LA. Lots of people, and the cars will run you over.

I personal don't like a city that big. I feel like a ant trying to make it way through the maze. We did however had great food all day.

I took my 50mm with me to shot the sites. It was a little narrow for some shots. The one thing that I keep hearing all day is keep you camera very close. I good advise in this town. In fact if I had to do it over again, I would have taking a point and shot or just used my phone. But of course I forgot to charge it and it was a brick all day. Plus At@T does not get the bet connection or at least for me.

We walked most of the day. Seeing people go to work on a Monday and come back home. Funny thing is, it all the same. I'm just happy I"m on vacation.

Tomorrow it's off to the beach and Posada BellaMare Bellavista 740, Renaca, Vina del Mar, 2540035 Chile

I guess I better rest up

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Santiago - Chile

The first day

sunny 82 °F

The goal of this blog is to share my travel experiences with Friends and Family. The good, bad and everything in-between. I'm planned to have some gear and travel advice, along with the way I see places, cities and the people.

This trip has been on our list for sometime. My wife is from Nicaragua and has been to Machu Picchu before and has want to share this place with me. Of course she speaks Spanish and will be my interrupter on (and most others) this trip. I guess the key here is not to really make her mad. But I think that is a good general advice anyway.

To start, our trip down from Washington State USA on American Airline was good. We did get lucky on both flights down. The 13hour flight was the longest flight I have been on. For some world travel I can imagine that that is a short time. Maybe in the years to come, I will look back and say the same.

This trip has already been a number of first time for me.

First longest flight
Fist time in South America
The farthest South I've ever been

The next thing that the day brought, was the packing list test. It helped was looking up on the web for travel tips and packing list. I just fitted them to my style of travel.

The bigest struggle was what to bring for photography. I only brought a few lens for my Nikon D7000. For this trip I went with:
11-16mm 2.8 Wide-angle a must
17-55mm 2.8 all around and wide -angle
50mm 1.4 for city walking and night shoots

The other hard choice was a my tripod or monpod. I went with the Monpod just because of the light weight and I did not want to be dealing with gear. I think you can get lost in your gear and forget the reason for the vacation. The other thing is that you can get so busy with your gear that you don't see the full beauty and essence of the place you are trying to capture with your photos. We will see if my choice was correct. I know my back will thank me.

One other new practices that I started on this trip is a travel log notebook ( and a new travel blog). The hope is that I can capture random thought of the place while i'm in that moment. I think it will help when write the blog at night. I also think it a great way to remind yourself to stop and capture want is around you. I know I get focus on the destination that I forget the journey

One other thought, It's good to know the counties language. I would have have done any of this if it was not for my wife. I some much relay on her and being able to do all of the transactions. Now that is trust!

I know this one point sounds like a no duh, but if you are like me and know very little Spanish, a few practice phrase, wiliness to learn and being polite (don't assume everyone should speak English) can get you a surprising long way. Also doing what I call the "three year old communication". Pointing and acting out on things you want. It still works. I guess the basic form of communication has no bounties. We were ALL kids once.

That it for now. It is 2:00 AM in Chile or 9:00 PM PST. It will take few days to adjust.

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