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Day 9 - Machu Picchu

The Big Event

rain 70 °F

Stories and Experience:
The journey start at 4:30 AM to be on the bus at 5:30 AM to get to Machu Picchu. The bus ride did not disappoint. All you can do is not look outside and just enjoy the ride. I would say that Machu Picchu is like the Disneyland for Peru and the bus ride is definitely E ticket ride. We got into Machu Picchu around 6:30 AM. The morning sun was just rising and the place is truly amazing. We did go off to the left to get away from the crowds and found a nice path were we stay for a little bit and just took in the whole place. The birds were sing as Machu Picchu woke up. We both had a very peaceful moment. We headed up to look over the main city and I think all I said in the next hour or more was WOW and Amazing. There are truly no words to describe this place. The thought of how and why did they built this wonder place is mind boggling.

We head into the main village ruins and there, I could visualize the town filled with people doing their daily routines. The village is indescribable, lucky I took a number of Pictures that I hope will turn out and will tell the story.

We had ticket to Huaynapicchu for the 10:30 AM. They only let 200 people in at a time two times a day. The hike takes 4 hours to complete. This were the fun begin.

As we start our hike up we met a few people on their way back exhausted, so we knew we were in for a full hike. I’m glad we rested the day before. The steps on the way up very steep and narrow. One person we met from New York went on this hike to over come his fear of heights. I don’t have a fear of heights, but this trail can give you that fear. About half way through it started to rain. The steps got slippery and the narrow path became even more narrow as people start they way down as we were still trying to go up.
We made at the top and we were excited of just making it. I felt like an accomplishment. The cloud cover was still heavy and we had brief moment of clearing of Machu Picchu. I tried to take a few photo, but found it challenging. What we did see was more then what we saw in the morning. How in the heck did they build this place? Imagining having to walk up and down these hills every day. The challenge the Inca overcame and did to build this magnificent city.

The way down was even more fun. The steps are very narrow and very steep. I guess the best part was seeing the excitement on my wife face. She really likes the adventure and thrills. We definitely were spent as we got back to the sign out place. Here we have to make a fast trek to the bus to make the train to Cuzco at 4:30 PM.

We made it down and we got on the train with out any issues. Except of one. At the train station I realize that I had lost my phone. I can only think that it dropped out of my zipped (in this case unzipped) pocket on the hike. Well no looking back now and I can only say that it was my offering to the ancient gods. What they will do with cell phone is beyond me, but it the best way to look at these things I guess.
On the train we met two men that were at Machu Picchu for worker health and safety. One was from Spain and there other was from Hong Kong. We talked about language, countries and number of other topics on the 4-hour train ride to Cuzco. As we talked about different travel places they told us to stay away from Venezuela. They both were they on business and said that the people not only just you’re your stuff but will murder you for it. I know that it not all the people that live there. Either way, I have not wish to go there.

Once we got to Cuzco we said goodbye and safe journeys to our train mates and got a taxi to our hotel. My wife and I were pretty tried at this point (up at 4:30 hike a mountain, ride a train and take in all the beauty of Machu Picchu, a very full day) and were looking forward in taking a shower, getting some good food and sleep. I was truly a full and wonderful day.

What To Do:
Do go on the Huaynapicchu hike. It’s a E ticket Plus ride. You will defiantly get you thrill and excitement. It is extra money and they do have smaller hike that you can do.

Try to get in early. The train arrives about 9 AM and the place explodes with people

Do take your time when you first get in. I seen most people run to the ruins and not take in the full beauty of the place.

Get a private guide. We didn’t and wish I had. I seen other have a guide help them take picture and explain the history of the place

Get you bus tickets before hand. We did and didn’t have deal with the lines in the morning.

Don’t worry too much about being first in line. There are buses leaving every 10 min

There is storage at the entry. As you are hiking you want to be light

Don’t eat at the lodge. Get the hotel to give you a pack lunch and put it in your pack. Just remember if you bring it in you need to bring it out. There are no garbage cans.

Plan you bathroom time. There are no bathrooms inside Machu Picchu. There is a bathroom as you enter and they will charge 1 s

Bring you water with you. It cost 8 s for a small bottle of water

Gear and Advise:
Bring lightweight rain gear. It does rain (we went in November)

Bring a backpack with hydro pack. It save us have to carry plastic bottle

Bring a rain covers for you SRL. This really saved me when the rain came. I was able to have my camera ready when the clearing did happing

Bring good hiking shoes or boots. There is a lot of walking on uneven and rocky terrain. Make sure you have broke them in before hand

Bring bug spray. There were may people who has made the sacrifice to the bugs

General hiking gear that has been tested for various conditions. The weather condition does change from sunny to misty to rain to windy.

Go Light! Having to pack you stuff around all day as you go up and down stairs and steps can take it’s toll.

Ending notes:
Machu Picchu is a wonderful awe-inspiring place that is a must see. The journey there is also fun and eventful. It’s mind blowing on how the Inca lived in the magical place. As we met different people along the way, each person had a different experience and reason for being there. Find yours and go!

I will be posting my photos at http://www.rootsourcephotos.com/2012-Vacations/Chile-and-Peru/Peru-Machu-Picchu soon

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